"The greater the freedom, the greater the responsibility!  And the greater the responsibility, the greater the freedom..."

Is your growth being stifled by playing in "safe spaces"? Has the predominant psychology and spirituality of “good just as you are” shielded you from the deep resilient satisfaction of resolving your deeper shadows and traumas?  Are you wanting to Awaken from the dream of your reactivity and suffering rather than trust your fragile self-image? "Am I good enough? Am I good enough?"

It's all Workable!

The good news is that it's all workable.  Rather than seeing ourselves as limited by the elements of our conditioning, we resolve to pick up our own load and carry it uphill until we see the Truth of being able to put it down.   This means neither abusing ourselves with aggression nor flinching away in collapse, both of which pull us into the younger victimized structures of our character.  We were victims then but not anymore.  Are you called to climb to the top of the mountain while sorting through your burden and weathering the elements until you have reached the summit of all experience? We intuit this vantage point totally accurately- a place within us where rest, peace, and joy arise naturally without any effort.  The self-image becomes transparent and insubstantial yet highly functional, wise and compassionate. Good enough.

It's your time, your calling...

Working with me is a call to adventure in the wilderness of your own interior.  I am committed to wholeheartedly supporting you in walking your path as I continue to walk mine. It is tremendously liberating to take ownership of our own hero’s journey in the face of the post- modern world where the demand for physical and emotional "safety" has nearly obscured the reality that our existence is mysterious, risky, unfair, and even terrifying. We acknowledge we need support, guidance and friendship and we stop blaming ourselves, others, or our circumstances.  Together we commit to facing our suffering squarely in our own joyous responsibility which becomes the true freedom that makes life worth living.  And from here we truly make a difference in all of the lives we touch.

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