Are you tired of SEEKING and ready to FIND? Then FREEDOM is here...   

Welcome!  Would you like to learn to truly love and to stop blaming exterior circumstances for your unhappiness?  Are you frustrated by your own self-limiting beliefs and ready to face life squarely, take responsibility and wake up from the dream of reactivity and suffering?

ARE YOU READY TO GET TO WORK? Whether your goal is to integrate shadows or old wounds of the mind, traumatic frozen contractions in the body, or even fully embrace the life and death terror of existential being, the good news is this: IT’S ALL WORKABLE.  

There's no need to run... and in fact it’s often the habit of turning away that’s the real problem.  It may not be as painful as you'd expect! Might you relax with yourself, the nature of existence, and stop reacting to the freedom which is already here?

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