New Year 2017 Webinar

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A new kind of resolution!

According to 2015 University of Scranton research published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, despite the fact that nearly half of us make New Year’s resolutions, only 8% achieve our goals!  Think about this… despite our best intention to make a significant change, we are only 8% effective! 

What’s the problem?

In a nutshell, the REAL problem is that we have not correctly identified what the “problem” is!  This is the reason the founders of the Immunity to Change process often cite research that on average, when doctors tell patients they will LIKELY DIE if they do not make a recommended change, only 1 in 7 will do it! 

Why is change so hard?

Employing behavioral tactics to our most deeply ingrained habits may actually to do more harm than good. These strategies can be useful in expanding our skillsets but they do not evolve our mindsets.  For our deep-seated, stubborn habits that operate outside of consciousness, we need to invite a true “Eureka!” moment. 

Be sure to mark your calendar for Sunday,  January 8, 2017 12pm-3 pm MST

In this intensive session, I will offer you the 4 ITC steps to uncovering your personal immune system.  These are:

1) Clearly articulate a New Year’s resolution or a powerful improvement goal.
2) Outline behaviors that subvert your resolve
3) Uncover hidden commitments and reveal why your improvement goal has been so challenging to achieve
4) Identify core assumptions about “reality” you have that keep your Immunity to Change locked in place.

You will leave this session with: 
·      An impulse to evolve and outgrow your limiting belief systems
·      A clear understanding of why making the most significant changes in your life is so challenging
·      A framework for understanding how to address other challenges in your life
·      Tips for how to uproot your immunity without “dieting” or forcing yourself to change