Mondo Zen

Waking Up...

Mondo is an interactive meditation process, originally developed by Jun Po Denis Kelly from the Rinzai lineage of Zen.  He distilled the essence of over 1000 traditional koans into just 10 leaving us with an opportunity to experience and stabilize Awakened Mind expeditiously.  He then added three additional koans to work with our emotions from this awakened perspective. You may download the manual free of charge at for more information. Here is a video of the process:

 Discovering Mondo Zen was the key I’d been searching for after many years of navigating a daunting maze of spiritual and psychotherapeutic pitfalls. “The only problem with psychotherapy and Zen is that they don’t work! We need deeper insight into and understanding of our minds as well as the deeper nature and purpose of our emotions,” writes Junpo on the opening page the Mondo Zen manual. The gift of his clarity to me is his vision that the complexity of our western minds is best addressed by both non-dual, ego transcendence practices alongside contemporary modalities that help repair and develop our relative selves. In short, our freedom and development hinge upon both “waking up” and “growing up”.

Mondo Zen is a powerful tool to first gaining and grounding a “right view”, the vast and unshakable context in which experience arises, and then employing this understanding to work skillfully with our emotions.   At the very root of anger, shame and disconnection we discover more primary emotions that manifest from “Clear Deep Heart Mind” or pure awareness.  At last, we have an experiential understanding that ends the civil war against our negative emotions!

I offer Mondo Zen free of charge and please contact me to schedule