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Zen Men: Meditation, Head, Heart and Guts

"Head, Heart and Guts took me where I needed to go...deep inside.  It wasn't always a comfortable journey but it was a welcome one that I had been wanting to take for a long time.  Chad met us where we were and helped me grow safely, soundly and responsibly into a healthier, happier version of myself"    - Group member 2016

Men!  We find ourselves in exciting and challenging times.  In virtually all indicators of physical and emotional health we are backsliding in a time when healthy masculine energy is needed the most! In this group we will commit ourselves to “Waking up” by sustaining a silent meditation practice alongside “Growing Up” through leaning on each other, while using body practices and therapeutic techniques to "Clean up" and integrate our shadows and traumas.

In joining this group we commit to cultivating:

  • A step-by-step mindfulness meditation practice to be explored during and between each session.
  • Differentiation and integration of the paths of Waking up and Growing up.
  • Courage to enter a supportive, intimate and challenging group experience with other men.
  • Letting go of control and developing a relationship to “Not Knowing”
  • Maturity with so called negative emotions such as anger, shame and grief.

Meets in Boulder, Thursday evenings 6:45-8:45pm

This group is suitable to all men 25+ who are willing to take responsibility for their own awakening and development!  By signing up for this group you commit to the discipline of daily meditation practice as a gift to yourself and the deepening trust & support of others in the group.  No experience with meditation in required.

A free consultation is required before entering the group.

Cost: $50 per session.  You may pay for and try your first week before committing fully.  Please ask about sliding scale.

More about Head, Heart and Guts...

Head: Men are backsliding in virtually every indicator of mental and physical health! (See my March 2016 blog entry at  We need a new philosophical orientation to what it means for us to be fully fledged, vetted men in an age where the demand for a holistic masculinity is at an all time high. We will discover and normalize what we have left behind and failed to manifest collectively and individually as well as where our strengths can illuminate the way and move us forward.

Heart:  In our group setting we will find the strength to speak from the heart and discover what it means to be supportive, courageous, compassionate men.  We will become intimate through expressing our fears and vulnerabilities but make no mistake- an open heart needs a supportive backbone to hang on! We will integrate the polarity of the wisdom aspects of both New Age Sensitive and Traditional Masculine while uncovering the shadow aspects as well.

Guts: This group will emphasize being fully embodied.  While this includes the wisdom that comes from the head and heart it also emphasizes spontaneous knowing before thinking and feeling may hijack our experience.  At this level we reclaim our negative emotions, especially coming to understand how anger and shame are powerful emotions when seen clearly and put to good use!

 If I can serve you...

Chad has been facilitating groups for over 25 years and holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in counseling psychology.  He served for 14 years at Colorado Outward Bound School where he directed trainings for new instructors, worked in the field with veterans of Vietnam and the Middle East, and co-created programs combining mindfulness practices in wilderness settings.  Chad has collectively spent several years in India and Thailand in extended periods of silent retreat and returned to integrate his experiences through studying Transpersonal Psychology at Naropa University where he has taught as adjunct faculty. He is a Rinzai Zen priest currently in training under the guidance of Doshin Roshi of Integral Zen and holds a private practice as a psychotherapist and coach in Boulder, CO.

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