Life coaching

Are you playing your biggest game yet?

Do you sense that you have untapped potentials and feel frustrated by your current limitations? Do you have clarity about what you most need to change but can’t make it stick?  Do you sense a burning desire to grow beyond the your own self-limiting beliefs? Watch the video below and find yourself just 4 steps away from making the most significant changes you can imagine!

Despite the infinitely valuable coaching tools and motivational techniques designed to get the results that entrepreneurs, business leaders and creatives want, many of them do not address the unconscious roots that undermine even the greatest intention to change. Here ‘s the secret: despite sincere wishes to change the deepest, most significant things about yourself, you have competing worries that operate behind the scenes. These worries, when left unconscious, hijack your energy, sabotage your relationships, govern your potential and probably costs you money.

Can’t see the worry?  Well.. don’t worry! Struggling with change is a normal part of evolving yourself.

Change may feel harder than you might imagine.  As Kegan and Lahey cite in their book, Immunity to Change, dieters typically gain back 107% of the weight they lost initially. And when doctors tell their patients, "You WILL likely die" if you do not make a needed change, only 1 in 7 will follow the advice!  Change is hard work and it is even harder when you don’t understand the mechanics that will bring sustained transformation. 

There is a powerful, affordable solution.

If you had the right support to face your fear head on, would it really be as catastrophic as you thought?  I work with individuals and small groups to both encourage and challenge you at the very edge of your own self-limitations.   During our time together, you will not only discover your hidden maps that reveal why your past efforts to change have been so difficult but I’ll provide a pathway and tools that will serve you far beyond our time together. I am not as interested in "fixing" you as much as assisting you to discover the patterns of thinking and relating which drive the behavior you wish to change.

I use the Immunity to Change coaching model as a component of life coaching and career counseling. The method is suitable for highly motivated individuals, entrepreneurs, and  progressive organizations that value leadership, self-development and intensive collaboration leading to healthy relationships and strong bottom lines!

"Sounds intense! What kind of commitment will I need to make?"

It is true, I work best with committed individuals who are motivated to make change and feel impelled to take responsibility for their own development.  While I feel at home and inspired by working with some of my clients' deepest fears, I am flexible and meet you right at your edge in a highly supportive way. I make room for you to choose how you would like to engage and in my experience the trust that gets generated between us is a major form of encouragement to uproot your deeper immunities to the change you are seeking.  My style has been described by one client as"a gentle laser" and I assure you I welcome all parts of you as we leave no stone unturned. 

"Why would I want to invest in this? How much is this going to cost?" 

Reflect for a moment on how much not uprooting your immunity has cost you in productivity, life energy and relationships, not to mention dollars.  A coaching relationship does take time and resources and it is best to arrive in the spirit of investing in your interior just as you would in your exterior life.  And I guarantee that in just one or two sessions together we will both know if we are going to be a good fit.  Many of my clients arrive with finances being a primary worry and this might even be a part of the immunity to change!

You have what it takes and are ready!

If you or your organization are in a place that is demanding support for change that will demand equally as much of you, I encourage you to contact me.  I offer a free consultation by phone or in person where we can discuss how I might tailor a program or coaching that meets your needs.

I have been coaching individuals and groups for over two decades and have a facilitation style that motivates participants, provides a supportive environment, and inspires full potential. In addition to having the skills as a facilitator and coach, I work best with individuals and organizations ready to work with some of the unconscious psychological material that is undermining their development and potential. Making real change is demanding and requires actually developing yourself rather making quick-fix surface behavioral changes.  For more about me click here.