“Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up” –Dustin Diperna

I have been working in the field of human potential and consciousness for nearly two decades. If there is one thing that lights me up, it's a challenging forum that ignites human development. We are so much more than our belief systems tell us! Perhaps my greatest asset as a therapist, facilitator, and Zen Priest is that I have done and continue to do my own inner work with a commitment to take responsibility for all of my actions. It's not just about "looking and feeling good"- I see clearly, in myself and others, that levels of adult development do not ever end so I encourage you to welcome your grit, clumsiness, frustration and “mistakes” as indicators that you want to be more effective, loving, generous, connected and awake!

Leave no stone unturned… 

I’ve been studying and living Integral Theory for over a decade which has greatly enhanced my appreciation of the human journey. From an Integral point of view there are four areas I look at when assessing and serving clients and students.  These are, "Growing Up" through a series of developmental stages and thereby continuing to increase our capacities, "Cleaning Up" unfinished business which continues to hijack our potential, and "Waking Up" through higher states of consciousness so we can "Show Up" in ALL aspects of our lives.  We leave no stone unturned!

Cleaning Up… What is Psychotherapy?

Integral Psychotherapy is effective in addressing significant past issues that require resolution for continued effectiveness and satisfaction in all areas of your life. Lets's face it, Clean Up work can be uncomfortable and is counterintuitive because we intentionally nudge you to move into what is constricted, self-limiting and painful. In my experience with clients and students, moving toward our vulnerabilities will allow you to notice something fresh and precious about your life and to discover the wisdom that lays at the very root of your so called “negative emotions”.  This perspective releases direction, meaning and power into some of your most difficult tasks and will allow you to take more responsibility for your choices.  Doing Clean Up work also gives you the satisfaction of growing your resilience, confidence and joy in further development because you'll gain the direct experience of cultivating mastery over your fears, anxiety and depression.

I have bachelors and masters degrees in Psychology and am a Naropa University trained, Licensed Professional Counselor.  I have developed a tremendous respect for the relational frameworks of Non-Violent Communication and the Enneagram.  While working with areas of trauma (freeze response and dissociation) I have personally benefitted from a thorough course of Somatic Experiencing work and use embodied mindful awareness as my primary orienting method.

Growing Up… And what about Coaching?

Integral Coaching is effective in addressing your current level of development and pushing the edges of your potential. My training in Integral Theory has given me an appreciation for how adults continue developing through a series of evolving stages.  At each stage, we take up new beliefs, values, emotional capacities, relational skills and cognitive ability.  Together we use this developmental roadmap to educate you about your strengths, weaknesses and leading edge which leverages your potential. I have a background as a career counselor, serving clients in the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation as well as teaching Career Counseling in the Naropa University Graduate School of Psychology. I am also an Immunity to Change facilitator and coach working both with individuals and groups to challenge the unseen big assumptions that govern your potential.

Some of the most significant Grow Up work I did when I was younger was in my 13 years as a wilderness course director and trainer at Colorado Outward Bound School where I logged 700+ wilderness field days. OB’s mission “to strive, to serve, and not to yield” does a tremendous job experientially revealing that there is more in us than we could ever know!  Working with others in this context strongly impacted my personal philosophy of meeting people compassionately and truthfully in stressful environments where group dynamics were often extremely intense (just imagine thirty days in the mountains with the same group of smelly people with no beer or TV)!  I also worked for several years in OB Professional serving corporate groups and leadership organizations and I was especially happy to have co-developed and facilitated  “Inward Journey/Outward Bound” programs which combined wilderness activities with contemplative practices and meditation.

Waking Up... Who are you, really?

Life is but a dream. The path of Waking Up is developing our states of consciousness which unfold relatively independently of the Cleaning Up and Growing Up of the ego self.   Who are you beyond all of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and relationships? By cultivating the "Don't know" or "Beginner's Mind" of the Rinzai Zen path I'm given the spacious perspective to be with and trust whatever arises in your experience.  Many clients comment on the aspect of spacious clarity when working with me and I am particularly precise in identifying the wisdom beneath your obstacles.  I strongly encourage you as my client to explore a spiritual path of your choice.  While it is not a requirement of us working together, it is clear that doing so will only amplify your healing and growing even if you do not seek the transpersonal benefits of the sacred arts.

Beginning in 2003, I spent 7 years traveling to Thailand and India to practice vipassana meditation and assist in teaching meditation retreats and have since studied in the Tibetan and Zen lineages.  I am an authorized meditation instructor through Naropa University where I've assisted in facilitating several Maitri programs through the MA Contemplative Psychology track.  I also have completed the Mondo Zen facilitator's training and I continue my practice with Doshin Roshi of Integral Zen in Denver.  I am an ordained Rinzai Zen priest and I offer the Mondo Zen process free of charge and lead two meditation groups in Boulder and Denver.  All are welcome to join.

... all so you can Show Up! 

It's not about YOU anymore.  The synthesis of Waking Up, Cleaning Up, and Growing Up matures from an understanding that we have taken on responsibility to do "all of this work" so that we can then truly Show Up in an impactful way for others.  Showing Up is presence and power in all aspects of your life- your family, personal relationships, work, recreation, attention to the environment and to what you consume.  Life is still not easy but you are content, dignified, loving and responsible.  Sometimes the greatest pain in life is our unwillingness to completely shine in the face of such a contracted world.  This challenge can even be mistaken as a pathology though all of the Clean Up work in the world will not continue to serve when you are simply experiencing the terror of your own selfless brilliance.  Is it your time yet?  I sure hope so!

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