Coaching & Organizational Change

Are you playing your biggest game?

Do you sense that you have untapped potentials and feel frustrated by your current limitations? Do you have clarity about what you most need to change but can’t make it stick?  Watch the video below and find yourself just 4 steps away from making the most significant changes you can imagine!

Despite the infinitely valuable coaching tools and motivational techniques designed to get the results that entrepreneurs, business leaders and careerists want, many of them do not address the unconscious roots that undermine even the greatest intention to change. Here ‘s the secret: despite sincere wishes to change the deepest, most significant things about yourself, you have competing worries that operate behind the scenes. These worries, when left unconscious, hijack your energy, sabotage your relationships, govern your potential and cost you money!

Can’t see the worry?  Well.. don’t worry! Struggling with change is a normal part of evolving yourself, your business and your career.

Change may feel harder than you might imagine.  As Kegan and Lahey cite in their book, Immunity to Change, dieters typically gain back 107% of the weight they lost initially. And when doctors tell their patients, "You WILL likely die" if you do not make a needed change, only 1 in 7 will follow the advice!  Change is hard work and it is even harder when you don’t understand the mechanics that will bring sustained transformation. 

There is a powerful, affordable solution.

If you had the support to face your fear head on, would it really be as catastrophic as you thought?  The Immunity to Change process is a structured and potent workshop designed to clarify the changes that would most impact you as it guides you into your competing worries.  At the end of our time together, you will discover your hidden map that reveals why your past efforts to change have been so difficult and I’ll provide tools to gently challenge and test your new found immunity. It can be life changing to see this so clearly!

The ITC process can be done individually as a component of career counseling though it is most effectively done in groups and across all levels of your organization. It is suitable for highly motivated individuals, entrepreneurs, and  progressive organizations that value leadership, employee development and intensive collaboration leading to strong bottom lines. 

"Sounds intense! Do co-workers feel too exposed during the Immunity to Change?"

The ITC is indeed a process that works with some of your deepest fears in an intense but highly supported way. Participants are able to choose the level of how they would like to engage, either individually, in pairs or with the larger group.  In my experience, the willingness to be vulnerable not only adds to the power and joy of the workshop but generates respect from others who are also doing their work to uproot their own immunities.  Yes, the workshop is edgy but I assure you it is very meaningful, dynamic and fun!

"Why would I want to invest in this? How much time is needed?" 

Reflect for a moment on how much not uprooting your immunity has cost you in productivity, visioning and relationships, not to mention dollars.  The workshop requires as little as three hours and can also done over two days with follow up coaching for several months.  The workshop as a stand alone can be very impactful and of course, some coaching in small groups or individually is recommended to sustain your insight and to promote change in yourself and your organizational culture.

You have what it takes and are ready!

If you or your organization are in a place that is demanding a model for change that will demand equally as much of you, I encourage you to contact me.  I offer a free consultation by phone or in person where we can discuss how I might tailor a program or coaching that meets your needs.

I have been facilitating groups for over two decades and have a facilitation style that motivates participants, provides a supportive environment, and inspires full potential. In addition to having the skills as a facilitator and coach, I work best with individuals and organizations ready to work with some of the unconscious psychological material that is undermining their development and potential. Making real change is demanding and requires actually developing yourself rather making quick-fix surface behavioral changes. You will find me to be direct, supportive, and challenging.  For more about me click here.