I am a great lover of the human journey and my greatest strength as a therapist and coach is that I have done- and continue to do- my own work.  I see clearly, in myself and others, that levels of adult development do not simply end so I take an attitude of welcoming the clumsiness of our humanness as an indicator of our potential.  Why are we sad, confused, angry, lonely and shameful at times?  Simply because we care so deeply which fuels our fire to evolve into our greatest potential!

I have been working in the field of human potential and healing for nearly two decades. In my 13 years as an instructor and trainer at Colorado Outward Bound, I was especially happy to have co-developed and facilitated “InwardJourney/Outward Bound” .  These programs combined rigorous outdoor activities with contemplative practices and meditation in the natural world.  Working with others in this context strongly impacted my personal philosophy of meeting myself and others genuinely and directly. By moving gently toward our vulnerabilities and “grittiness” we notice something fresh and precious about our human situation and even discover the wisdom that lays at the very root of our negative emotions.  This perspective releases direction, meaning and power into some of our most difficult tasks.

In addition to Outward Bound, before beginning a private practice I was vetted by a variety of personal and professional experiences that have prepared me to meet a wide variety of developmental needs. I spent several years travelling to and from India studying and assisting in teaching vipassana meditation.  I am also hospice trained, serving patients and families before, during and after the dying process both in India and the US.  Finally, I have a background as a career counselor, serving clients in the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation as well as teaching Career Counseling in the Naropa University Graduate School of Psychology.

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